Team 3A is proud to announce its TQ Solution program. Our goal is to propose the more suitable option to our customers. Throttle Quadrants represents a special component of the Simulator System, because it is composed of electronics, electrical, mechanical and software parts. Making all of them working properly in harmonic way requires a lot of effort in terms of R&D, prototype, test and commissioning.

We’re constantly asking to the customer what they are expecting from us as solution. We can propose mainly 3 solutions to the community:



1. Throttle Quadrant 4.0

Our full motorized TQ is Plug and Play, with auto-calibration capabilities. It is compatible with almost all the glass cockpit software that employs FSUIPC, SimConnect or direct joystick. It is conceived from aluminum and composite parts.


2. Unsupported TQ Exchange

If you own an old unsupported TQ, we can accept your old TQ as a fraction of our TQ 4.0. This can lower the cost of your investment and you will obtain a brand new TQ fully operational.


3. Unsupported TQ upgrade, service and warranty extension

If you prefer to keep your old system, or your budget is reduced, we can propose a solution to repair you old TQ, and add a warranty extension.



For more details and quotation, Contact us