Team 3A present in ALAIC

The 5th of march 2017 in Hotel Meliá Caracas, Venezuela was celebrated the high-level summit between the Secretary of the State of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, Dr. Domingo Mituy Edjang and the  African Latin American Integration Chamber “ALAIC“. Team 3A, as member of the ALAIC, represented by its Director for Latin America and Central Africa, Mr. Valentin Angarita, was able to present the project SIITAE (Sistema  integral Inálambrico de Telecomunicaciones de Alto Espectro), as solution for Telecommunications in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea. In the summit was present also Mr. Eliezer Ruiz, President of ALAIC, Mr Diego Cabrera, Vicepresident executif of ALAIC, and Dr. Faustino Nzang,  Commercial Attaché of the Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in Venezuela.